TELL ME MORE® is a comprehensive approach to foreign language learning, combining rich, quality content with the flexibility and interactivity of multimedia.

    This solution can serve as an outstanding tool for training and for self-study.

    With the help of various types of activities, TELL ME MORE® aims to develop the communication skills that a learner must master: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

    TELL ME MORE® covers, in context, the grammatical, lexical, phonetic and conjugation skills required to reach these objectives and to enable the learner to discover the culture of the country where the studied language is spoken.


    The available programs are grounded in the communicative approach, emphasizing the functional aspect of language by encouraging learners to work on all of the skills required.

    The educational objectives introduced at the beginning of lessons clearly explain the speech acts involved and the skill sets to be practiced. This enables learners to know what the lesson will entail and what they will have achieved at the end.

    Each lesson begins with a contextualization activity (using different types of learning materials such as text, audio, video or dialogues, for example), followed by a series of activities enabling learners to work on speech acts from different angles and with different linguistic means.

    This lesson structure helps them to retain the knowledge necessary to communicate in the target language, in a simple way that does not require memorization. Among other things, these lessons are composed of activities using speech recognition, enabling learners to work specifically on their speaking skills, and preparing them for real-life interactions.


    The content offered by TELL ME MORE® aims in particular to provide learners with the opportunity to practice their speaking skills. The learner is immersed in a training situation based on a real-life context, illustrating scenes from everyday and professional life. TELL ME MORE® encourages learners to quickly familiarize themselves with the specific sounds of the learning language thanks to recordings of native speakers.

    Speech recognition constitutes an important cornerstone of the method and is used in a number of activities. It optimizes the learners’ speaking skills and prepares them for real-life communication situations by having them participate in dialogues, for example. It also allows practice with the phonemes and intonation specific to the language.


    As many times as they wish, learners can repeat the phrases, words, or phonemes they find difficult, and the software will guide them to improve their pronunciation.


    With TELL ME MORE®, learners can specify what they need and obtain a personalized training program. This ensures that the program is suitable throughout the learning period. At any time, learners can redefine their requirements in order to modify or add content to the training program, or to change lessons.

    As a complement to their personalized training, learners also have at their disposal the TELL ME MORE Language Library, which can be used throughout the learning period for looking up information, deepening their knowledge of specific points, and concentrating on points they find particularly difficult.

    The workshops provided by TELL ME MORE enable learners to focus on a particular topic or specific skillset such as reading, speaking, writing and grammar. Learners can either choose a specific skill set or access the entirety of the available content.


    Every type of activity featured by TELL ME MORE® responds to a precise learning objective.

    Listening and Reading Activities

    These comprehension-improving activities come in the form of specially created authentic materials.

    Skill-Reinforcement Activities

    These exercises are generally very guided. They serve to help learners remember grammatical and lexical structures and even sounds.

    Practical Thinking Activities

    These guided exercises aim to highlight specific functional and organizational components in a language.

    Productive activities

    These exercises are designed to enable them to put into practice what they have learned via written or oral expression.


    TELL ME MORE® offers content based on professional-type situations as well as situations taken from everyday life.

    The lessons based on everyday life feature communication situations, for example about family, leisure activities, sports, etc.

    The lessons with a professional context feature common communication situations faced on a daily basis regardless of the profession. They involve, for example, welcoming clients, drafting documents, scheduling meetings, etc.

    Programs designed to enable learners to discover and use the specific vocabulary required in a profession are also available. Examples are introduced to learners in context by using both authentic documents as well as materials that best reflect real-world sources.
    Also offered are lessons based on news-related videos about the economy, science, and politics.