10 reasons

10 reasons why you should choose TELL ME MORE

1. A communicative approach based on speaking

The TELL ME MORE method is based on the communicative approach. Rather than the simple memorization of grammatical rules and lists of words, this educational approach encourages interaction and the use of language skills in real situations. It is recommended by linguistics experts from around the world and is used in some of the largest universities.

2. A fun and interactive method

With over 40 different activities, dozens of hours of video, and interactive speaking activities using speech recognition, the TELL ME MORE program is interactive and fun, which will enable you to successfully be engaged and learning after only a few minutes’ practice as well as enjoy using it whenever you wish.

3. Rich content

The TELL ME MORE Program employs a comprehensive approach which enables you to develop all of the skills required to master a foreign or second language: spoken and written comprehension, spoken and written expressions, grammar and culture. With various topics in everyday and business language, it is our number one priority to make your language acquisition a success.

4. A flexible solution

Want to learn a new language wherever you want, whenever you want, and without even moving? With TELL ME MORE, it couldn’t be easier! Our 100% online training courses and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regardless of your professional or personal objectives, the TELL ME MORE offering can be adapted to meet your requirements with the help of a personal coach who will provide you with support throughout your training and help you make progress at your own pace.

TELL ME MORE offers services adapted to suit every requirement and every market. It is particularly useful for:

  • Companies wishing to offer their employees language training adapted to the business world,
  • Schools, school districts, and universities wishing to expand their tools and improve the performance of their students,
  • Individual consumers, for self-study learning.

5. A personalized program

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, TELL ME MORE can help you to succeed. A placement test at the beginning of the training course will enable you to identify your level and set out a customized work program. After that, you can evaluate your performance throughout your training with the help of progress tests.

6. A globally recognized method

The TELL ME MORE method is based on an educational approach with proven success. Its extraordinary performance has earned more awards than any other solution on the market.

7. Prestigious clients

We have an experienced team of talented language and technological experts who are passionate about developing tomorrow’s solutions today and are constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve the way the world learns another language. The Ministry of National Education in France has recognized the TELL ME MORE® method as one of significant educational interest, and it is today used by up to 60% of the companies in the major global industry indexes, such as Fortune 500.

8. Technological and educational expertise

In order to develop TELL ME MORE even further, we rely on two types of know-how:
- the educational know-how of our linguistic experts
- the technological expertise of our R&D department, a team of engineers and linguists.

9. Continuous innovation

TELL ME MORE is the first company to have integrated speech recognition technology into a foreign languages training method. This patented system enables the learner to speak freely with the computer, without even touching the keyboard or the mouse, and to obtain an immediate evaluation of his/her pronunciation.

10. Guaranteeing progress

Our objective? To provide you with the best technology and the best teaching method possible to enable you to make progress, whatever your initial skill level, your requirements and your objectives. TELL ME MORE offers solutions which range from Beginner to Expert, from levels A1 to C2 established by the European Council. On average, those practicing 40 hours with TELL ME MORE advance by 1 skill level.